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I don’t work out very often, is this going to be really hard?

Even if you work out a lot or not at all, it will be hard. But you’ll be great, because our fitness trainers will offer different variation to accommodate every one that will attend the retreat. Each day will be smartly scheduled for you to have enough time to work out just enough and relax also, because one of the best goals you could set yourself is to find that perfect balance. This is intended to be uplifting and fun!*Every training, yoga class, workout is optional.


The weekly schedule seems pretty packed, do I have to do everything?

The schedule has been planned out for you to be able to do everything...Our goal at I BREATHE FITNESS is to create a fun, energizing yet relaxing environment. The schedule has been planned out for you to able to do everything within a week but at the end of the day it’s YOUR VACATION!! Basically what we are saying is that you are your own boss during this week and you do everything and anything that will make you happy!


Why is this the best investment?

Because you’re investing in YOU! Gone are those days where you invested the same money in all-inclusive resorts to drink, eat and come back home feeling sometimes unfulfilled. During this retreat you will have the chance to experience what travelling and resourcing yourself truly means. You’ll get to meet new people from around the world, have time to connect with yourself and all this by getting your body fit and refresh.


Do I need a valid passport?

Yes, a valid Passport is required. Please verify with the immigration office.


Is the flight included in the retreat rate?

Since we have an international clientele, we ask you to book your own round-trip flights at your own cost. Although, the good news is! Once you get to your destination’s airport, I BREATHE FITNESS has your back covered with all the intern transportation at no extra cost.


What if I want to arrive before or leave a couple of days after the retreat?

We can help arrange accommodations for you and with transport if needed. *(At your ownexpenses.)